SIm City Hot Tips

In the session tomorrow I am going to give the students post it notes to use while they are playing to write down any “hot tips” they discover to share with the class! We will then put these up on to the “Hot Tips” charts which I have created and displayed. I have divided them up into 7 categories; Getting started, Safety, Traffic, Education, Land Value, Environment and Health. These are the six categories that the mayor’s approval rating is based on. I am hoping to encourage the student’s to share their strategies and improve everyone’s games in the process. Fingers crossed!!! Tomorrow I will also try and video and interview some of the students while they are working!

simcity wall

Hopefully these charts will be filled with "Hot Tips" after tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “SIm City Hot Tips

  1. Hi,
    Love your simcity idea! I recently had to create a ‘mini’ unit on the topic of sustainability for a uni assignment and I included lessons using the game, unfortunately I haven’t been able to see the unit come to life. Needless to say I’m really keen to see how you go with it.
    Looking forward to your next post, keep up the good work.


  2. Well you are off to a great start so glad you can keep us all up to date using your Global2 blog. I look forward to reading your students comments on how they find real games stimulate there creativity and learning.

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