Sim City Rich Task

For anyone who is interested this is the unit we have created for our Sim City game play around. We are looking at the concepts of leadership and government. Students will run a mayor re-election campaign based on their term as mayor. Students will need to justify their leadership style, why they are a good leader, what they have done for their city and what their plans would be for their second term. We are also looking at the issues of social media in government and campaigning. Students will write press releases, speeches and twitter comments to name a few. Any ideas most welcome…

SimCity Leadership rich task

2 thoughts on “Sim City Rich Task

  1. Hi Kristen,

    I couldn’t reply to your msg in twitter due to the character limit. I thought this would be the next best place. I’m still fairly green when it come to the world of blogging, twitter and a web placed PLN.
    Anyway, my idea was to have the children design a ‘sustainable as possible’ city using simcity. My aim was to have the students understand what it takes to power a city, where that power comes from, the infrastructure required, possible pollution etc. Has been a long time since I played that game as a kid, but I kind of remember the game showing some of these things.
    Looking forward to the next post!


  2. Looks great Kristen,

    Looking forward to seeing game based learning in action on Wednesday!


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