Sim City Update

Today we had a great session; students worked really well. I feel the children have reached a really comfortable place with the game and the learning environment I have been trying to facilitate. The constant chirping “I can’t do it” has stopped, all students playing successfully (variety of levels), are persisting with their problems and are turning to each other for help – something I have been really trying to push!!! I really wanted them to see that I didn’t have all the answers and that they would have to problem solve, read the manual and ask each other! I also wanted them to understand that failure was ok and that their city didn’t need to be perfect the first time. They were ok to start again and try new approaches!

It is so interesting to see how different students operate – some are so haphazard about their approach to building their city and if it is successful it seems purely by luck! They are unable to articulate why they made choices and what they will do next time. On the other hand there are some students who are so strategic, they have a firm plan about what they want to achieve and are able to articulate clear their reasoning and opinions. It is amazing how they can then reflect on their learning and be continuing improving on their play.

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