Wiki Spaces – a great tool!

When I started this project I was struggled with which medium I should use to get the students to reflect on their learning. I wanted to move away from reflecting on paper but didn’t want to lose the good they came with that process. Wiki spaces was recommended to me, I had never used it before but decided that it sounded perfect for the project. I am really glad I went with Wiki Spaces. Thanks Ty for the idea!!!

It is a great tool, which allowed the students to quickly and easily set up their own page on the 5/6D Sim City Page I was able to create. Now each student has their own campaign page. I really like that the pages are all in the one place and students are able to move freely between each other’s pages and I can quickly check that they have all completed their tasks! I like that they can use the discussion function to respond and create discussion. I found that several of my boys started a discussion about strategies for playing the game without being prompted by me! I found Wiki Spaces really easy for the children to use and allowed them freedom to embed Extranormal mayor’s speech and google presentations. I will definitely continue to use Wiki Spaces and see that is a fantastic educational tool. It was worthwhile requesting the “educational upgrade” which allows you to use the multiple user creator – which saved me a lot of time and effort!

Here are some examples from our Wiki Page….

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3

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