Term 3 Blogging Challenge

Well with the holidays drawing to a close it is time to think about what I would like to achieve with my class this term.

I guess my main aim is to really sink our teeth into blogging! My students are very familiar with blogging and are now quite savvy with their blogging skills. To this point our blogs have been mostly “show and tell,” a place when students retell the events of their school life, share work and photos with family and friends. I would like to keep this side of blogging but would also like to take their blogs to a new level. I would like the students to move towards interest blogging; developing a more narrow focus on their blog about something they are interested in and passionate about! I think this is a more authentic blogging experience and also one which is modeling more readily in real life. I think this could also work to support a more ‘problem based learning’ experience.

Kynan Robinson @kynanr & Richard Olsen @richardolsen introduced me to this whole idea about authentic blogging. There is a great post about it on the Kynan’s blog http://kynanrobinson.wordpress.com

They have really forced to me to think about how we are getting students to connect, collaborate, communicate and act collectively through blogging.

My plan is to really get my students to think about;

  • What is the purpose of blogging?
  • Why do people blog?
  • What do people blog about?
  • What makes a good/interesting blog?
  • What can we learn from blogging and other blogs?

Students will chose a topic they are going to base their blog around and then create a mind map showing what information they will include in their blog. What will the structure of their blog be like? I want students to think about a “big question” to base their blog around. I think this might help to give their blog greater purpose, direction and longevity! Fingers crossed!

I would really like to base my reading program around blogging as well. I want my students to be reading other blogs and using these posts as models of quality writing (or maybe as examples of what not to do!). If you have any examples of great blog posts suitable for children please let me know! I would love some more examples!

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